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    Need a little help with Intel Extreme Tuning (using an I5-2500K)


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to get another solid year or two out of my CPU and bought it with the intent to overclock one day (that day is nigh ).


      Here are my specs:


      Win 10 Pro 64bit

      CPU - Intel Core i5 2500k @ 3.30 Ghz, Sandy Bridge 32nm Tech

      8GB Dual Channel DDR3 ram @ 688mhz

      Motherboard: ASUSTEK Computer INC P8Z68-V LE (LGA 1155)

      GFX: 2048 ATI AMD Radeon 6850

      POWER: 650W Antec


      When I go to Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, under advanced tuning, pretty much everything is greyed-out. Is my motherboard no supported (I thought it was when I purchased it), or something else I may not be aware of? Also to note, I have four fans, currently running at medium and plan on turning them up.


      Thanks in advance for any help -- I'm really looking forward to getting a modest CPU boost and upgrading to the Sapphire Nitro 8gb gfx card.


      (I'm attaching a rather large screenshot at the bottom, note every field is grey )