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    Is Intel 4600HD with 2560x1080@75Hz+1920x1080@60Hz+1920x1080@60Hz possible?




      For while now I'm willing to get a  21:9 monitor to be more productive while programming and to have a slightly advantage while gaming.
      My current set-up is a MSI Ghost GS60 2PE with a Intel Graphics 4600Hd and a NVIDIA GTX 870M.
      Like it seems to me, the laptop only uses the NVIDIA GPU for games and heavy usage; other things, like the operating sysem and thus the 'whole' computer seem to be running on the Intel 4600 HD (inside a intel 4710HQ CPU).

      The laptop and thus the intel GPU has a HDMI port (1.4. I think) and a mini-displayport.

      I don't think my NVIDIA GPU has any displayports, if I'm correct it works with a thing called PhysX to connect the screens/graphics to the NVIDIA GPU if needed?
      So what my assumption is here is that the max. screen resolutions, refresh rates and amount of screens is dependent of the intel GPU and not the NVIDIA GPU, is that right?


      So my current set-up is a second monitor with 1920x1080@50Hz and a third monitor with 1920x1080@60Hz. My first (main) monitor is the one of my laptop (1920x1080@60Hz).

      Now I want to buy a 29 inc 2560x1080@75HZ screen (LG) and replace the 50Hz 1080p monitor with it (my second monitor).
      My question now is, if it is possible to run those 2 extern (and 1 intern) monitors with this GPU?
      And if not, what are a few configurations of third screens I can do with already 2 1920x1080@60Hz screen (the intern one and 1 extern one I got).


      Thanks, Cédric