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    Power Supply


      The "Getting Started" guide for the Joule development kit says you need a 12V 3A power supply through a barrel connector, but the Specifications page for the Joule 570x Developer Kit on Intel Ark shows a DC input range of  3.6V to 5.25V.


      Which of these is right? And if the range really is 3.6V to 5.25V, does that mean it can be powered from USB through one of the USB connectors?


      Links for both pages here:

      IoT - Before you begin: Material requirements | Intel® Software

      Intel® Joule™ 570x Developer Kit Specifications

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Chris,
          Thanks for your interest in the Intel Joule Platform.
          We appreciate the links provided. Looking at those links, we would like to let you know that in the Ark.intel page the DC voltage range of 3.6-5.25V is regarding the Joule module, moreover, the correct power supply you need to use are 12V 3A as it is mentioned in the Intel Joule Module User Guide. However you can connect the Type C USB cable to power the Joule expansion board, but you may have an issue with rebooting, so for general operation, we’d recommend use 12V power supply.
          Hope this information helps to clarify your inquiry.


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            Great. Thanks for the quick reply. Answered all of my questions.


            - Chris