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    Difference between the 2 R200 Dev Kits, and RS300 texture quality




      We're currently working with the RS300, and exploring whether or not the R200 might be a better fit for our application. I have several questions -


      What are the differences, aside from the price, between these 2 models? The product details don't offer enough to clearly differentiate between the two:


      Model # :VF0830, Price: $169.00



      Model # :946432, Price: $99.00



      My second question surrounds face scanning. Which camera would be the suggested model for the highest possible quality / resolution face or head scan? We're finding that although we can capture faces with the RS300 using Intel's code samples, the RGB texture resolution seems quite low-res. What can we do to ensure that the RS300 is capturing face textures at the highest possible resolution?



      Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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          Hi Jhacks,

          Thank you for contacting us, let us try to help you with your questions.
          The difference between both kits is that the $99 kit is manufactured by Intel and has limited shipping to a few countries (USA, Canada, China, EU and Japan). The the $169 kit is manufactured by Creative and the RGB sensor is better; it also ships to more countries.
          Between the R200 and the SR300, the SR300 is definitely the one we recommend for Face Scanning. Regarding the resolution, you could try to change the Reconstruction options (ReconstructionOption) to see if you get different results, there are four options available, NONE, SOLIDIFICATION, TEXTURE and LANDMARKS. Hopefully this will provide better results.