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    Identifying a problem if it's from the board


      hi there!

      i'm using intel DH77KC board and since i bought i'm getting a problem ..

      the problem is " i get a sounds from the HDD tek tek tek .... i had Seagate 1000 GB then i thought the problem from the HDD i changed to WD 500GB, within a week again i got the same problem, i changed back to seagate 500GB again within few weeks the same problem "

      actually it is not just sounds, while the sounds comes out the pc will start hanging and i used to get this message every time ( a sudden shutdown and tells YOUR PC RAN INTO A PROBLEM ..... )


      i'm sure the problem is not form the board cuz i had another problem in the board and i got replaced from INTEL and again i'm getting the same problem..

      actually i'm wondering if the problem from the RAM ( is it compatible with the board or not ) and another thing is the power supply is it enough or not ?


      RAM: DDR3 12GB

      PSU: 500 watt


      any suggestion..!


      with regards,