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    i7-920 v. Xeon X5550




      Perhaps my question is too simple. So, my apologies for its simplicity.


      However, what is the performance difference between a 2.66 GHz 1366 i7-920 processor and a 2.66 GHz 1366 Xeon X5550 processor? Please disregard the fact the X5550 is meant for a dual system. I'm trying to weigh up the reasons to build either an i7 2.66 or a dual processor X5550 for my photo processing work.


      If there is no performance difference, then am I correct to assume that adding a second Xeon processor will not aid performance if I am running solely a photo processing programme (ie Adobe Lightroom or some such programme)?


      Many thanks for the help.



      ps I run Linux - Suse . 11.2