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    Intel DG45i1D Motherboard BIOS update failed


      I have Advent Desktop PC QC7003,given to me by my Grandson,has Intel DG45I1D Motherboard with Intel CORE 2 Quad Q8200 CPU. 8GB DDR2 Memory,Nvidia GT-240 PCI Eepress Graphics Card.

      I have noticed the the BIOS has never been updated and is IDG45I1H.86A.0090.2008.0924.1800  according to Intel Support the latest BIOS is  0135  of 2011?.

      Whwn I try and instali this using Windows exe method I am told that this BIOS is not the correct one for my Motherboard? Can anyone advise me where I am going wrong here?

      Your advise help would be most appreciated..Thank you for looking at this question  Michael