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    hd 5500 lags


      Lenovo Thinkpad X1 carbon 2015 gen (20BS006RRT).


      Windows 10


      From the first day of use everything that is displayed on the screen is lagging. For example - i`m on the desktop, moving mouse from one corner to the other and pointer comes with a lagging of millisecond at every single second or two.


      I`ve updated video drivers (including an experimental version with intel site, as well as through the Lenovo driver updater), puted all possible power settings for maximum performance - nothing has changed. Launched Football Manager 2016 (played before on the MacBook with Intel HD4000 with no lags). Again lags every second picture freezes and unfreezes after a a moment all over again.


      Went to gameplay.intel.com, found that FM2016 has 4 stars for performance on HD5500 graphics card. Went to check it on my game - it shows that i have only 1 and a half star of video rating with all the video settings putted to minimum requirements.

      Deleted video driver at all, instead of Intel HD5500 appeared "standard video driver" or something like that. Overall perfomance eventually dropped but lags stopped to appear.


      Decided to experiment a little so i installed Ubuntu and Archlinux in addition to the Windows10. In both of the linux systems - no lags, Football Manager 2016 shows 4 and a half stars, everything works great, as it should be.


      Could you please help me to solve this problem?


      Thank you!