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    Atom Compute Stick - Blue Light But No Display Master Thread


      I am creating a single post which ties together multiple threads which seem to be describing the same issue with Atom powered Intel Compute Sticks.


      The Intel Compute Stick powers on but does not post.  This means that the Intel BIOS screen does not appear. 


      This behavior is documented in the following threads:

      No video signal on any monitor  (two different users with same problem)

      STK1AW32SC BIOS v0029 Failure


      ->  Video of Behavior


      Here are the reproduction steps:


      1) Operate an Atom compute stick (STK1AW32) in a room with an ambient temperature 85F or warmer.

      2) Run content that is GPU and CPU intensive.  I recommend a series of HD videos in a loop.

      3) Wait 8 to 24 Hours

      4) Unplug Compute Stick and plug it back in.

      5) ... It will fail to boot for the remainder of the day, even after it cools down.