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    Ethernet controller on NUC6i5SYH,


      The ethernet connection on Public network keep identifying even if they are required or connected. While doing so my internet connection gets disrupted and entirely disconnected.

      My ethernet adopter is identified as IPG (intel(R) Dual Band PH.


      How can I prevent Unidentified public network from being identified, Boy too many!. Ethernet 35,36,37,38,41,45,46,47,49, 51, 53, 54. I dont want these controller to be sensed at all ar appear on my network information and connection. All i want is fast reliable un interupted internet connection.I have tried disabling these connections but they always comeback disrupting my internet connection and it keeps my disappointment increasing all the time.


      Please provide a permanent solution to this problem. Prevent Public Networks using these connections: Ethernet 35, 36,37,38,41,45,46,47,49,51,53,54, from pupping up on my network connection.  See Screen Grab below.nuc.jpg