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    F200 on I5 Gen 1 Intel with Renesas USB3 win10


      After some help on the sample apps. 



      Sony Vaio Gen1 I5 M520 proc, 16gb, $8 dx.com expresscard Renesas USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.0 (Microsoft),10.0.10586.212

      F200 XYZ3d Scanner - latest firmware.   Software latest DCM and SDK as of 1/2/2017.

      (Bugger off Intel. I worked around their installers intentionally looking for Intel gear)


      Can run *most* of the sample exes from the SDK, all guns blazing (Depth, IR and RGB).  Can scan to obj. view all channels and play about.  


      I have a problem with visual studio run times.

      Related to the 2005 studio software from previous win 7 install - just win10'd over top.

      If I uninstall visual studio 2005, the samples all crash, even if remove and re-install latest sdk & modules.

      Want to know what are required Vis studio/VB/Vc#/Vc++ run times that should be installed to make all this work correctly?

      I force over vcredist_x86_v140.exe but makes no difference. Are there environment variables that need to be set?

      The facial recognition bombs out due to some path error, everything else seems perfectly fine.