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    Changes not saved in BIOS,Flashing BIOS in DG33TL motherboard.


      I updated the BIOS from EXE file to 0572 version(a long time ago), my computer is normally working but the changes made in BIOS is gone after exiting BIOS. In BIOS, Event log, there are logs saying Management Engine failed to initiaze or some sort of related to it. I have Core 2 Duo E6750 CPU installed and recently I installed Core 2 Quad Q9550 but the BIOS doesn't recognizes cpu, it just displays the cpu name as Genuine Intel cpu. So I searched for the solution, and someone had found the solution by reflashing the BIOS, by doing that the person's CPU was recognized. I am also following the process, so I download ISO and burned to CD and booted from CD but when after pressing 'Enter' nothing happens, it just goes black screen after IFlash log starting, it also didn't display the message to remove the CD.Even after waiting for more than 10 mins, nothing happens. So I turned off the power and again restarted and tried the same thing multiple times but it's not working. The computer is working though. My computer boots normally and I have no other serious problems. The problem is I can't flash the BIOS, my jumper configuration is also in Normal mode for whole process and did as in the instructions.


      I followed the instructions in this link Instructions for ISO Image BIOS Update for Intel® Desktop Boards

      And for CPU recognition : DG33TL, new BIOS releases & Yorkfield support  and    http://www.chw.net/foro/windows-y-programas-varios/324818-windows-xp-sp3-y-quadcore.html


      Please suggest me some solutions for CPU recognition and BIOS.

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