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    Overscan Issue Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family


      Hi All, I have an older Acer 7730 laptop running on an Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family and an Intel Centrino 2 processor. Windows 10 runs very well on it. I have recently tried to connect it to an older type LCD TV. The TV does not have a HDMI port does have a DVI port.


      I firstly tried to connect from the laptops HDMI port to the DVI port but could not get it working. I then used the VGA port and connected that to the DVI port. After doing this, I could only get the TV to display in one resolution from the list 1280x720. all other resolutions will cause an error on the that the media output is not supported. But using this resolution caused an overscan of about the size of the taskbar all around.


      I have ran the Intel Driver Update Utility and it does show that an up date is available for the driver, but it fails to install for an "Unknown Error"

      I have also tried to download the latest driver available and do a manual install, but that fails saying the laptop does not have the minimum requirements.


      Under Windows 10 there is Intel Control Panel either. Can this be installed?


      If there is anyway to resolve this I would appreciate finding it out.


      Many thanks for any help provided.