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    Suggestions to Intel Software Engineers for Web Site Help for Beginners.


      The Intel Edison module is an amazing piece of hardware.  Clearly a lot of engineering work went into its design.  The large number of GPIO pins yield almost countless potential applications.


      Unfortunately where the unit falls short is in documented of software/hardware support for new people learning about the module.  I have come across only two books on the subject.  One "programming the Intel Edison by Donald Norris, is very basic and not really of much use if you want to do anything useful with the unit.  Almost no C programming help for example.  In contrast a new book "Explore Intel Edison" by Harry Fairhead is an absolute must have book, if you want to do anything serious.  I only wish I knew about it earlier.


      Anyway as a newbie to the Edison I have some feedback to the Powers that be  that management its  development and sales.


      1. First and foremost for the software, flashing the units, program examples give step by step instructions. Just whipping off pointers to pointers to pointes... etc is of little help to somebody starting off.  There are so many branches with that approach it is of little help to a beginner.  Don't bother writing something up if that's all you can do.


      2. Get onboard real windows programmers that have experience, not "warmed over" Linux programmers that have an "its obvious" attitude.    For example every good Windows programmer knows that Windows programs do not reside in the C:\ root folder.  They go in well established folders like C:\Program Files, Program Files (86), etc.    Putting a folder like C:\Intel in the root folder is at best not common  and at worst dangerous.   Indeed to my mind the core workspace_iot folder should probably be in Program Files folder.  Yes I know different potential users.. but these aspects only should be in the user folders.  I'm suspect Microsoft has a protocol/suggestion as to how these things are to be done.


      3. As I said in a previous posting, instructions for flashing these units is hopeless.  Has whoever has written up the manual way of flashing a unit actually done so on a real windows system? Seriously 20-30 character long cryptic directory names that have to be enter from the command line.  Would it kill you to have C:\ProgramFiles\FlashEdison\ 


      4. I don't know how the relative distribution of the breakout and the Edison Arduino boards has panned out.  Again would it be too much to ask for separate web pages with step by step configuration instructions for each board SEPERATLY.  I for one have yet to get the "Next" button to activate for board re-flashing.


      There are more issues,  I just don't have time to list here.  Perhaps others can add things they notice.


      Its a real pity because the hardware is excellent as I said. Just slopped together instructions -- I bet at the last moment.  Whoever is responsible should look at the Raspberry or Arduino forums to get help.






      would it be too much to ask


      Explore Intel Edison    

        Fairhead, Harry

      . In contrast