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    Intel 530 crash to black screen


      Computer make and model: Gigabyte P55Wv6-NE2. Laptop.

      OS: Windows 10, 64-bit. Up to date on all updates.

      Graphics driver: Intel version (11/9/2016)

      Also installed: Nvidia 1060 GTX. Driver ver: 376.33 (12/13/2016)


      Occasionally and at seemingly random intervals, my laptop will crash to a black screen, requiring a hard reboot. The only time it never seems to crash is when I am playing a game (presumably because the Nvidia GPU is taking over).


      I've been able to "solve" the issue by going into the Device Manager and disabling Intel graphics. However, this is not acceptable as a long term fix, as this reduces functionality (e.g., I cannot adjust the brightness setting of the screen and the Sleep function becomes disabled) and graphics performance suffers.


      I have already tried uninstalling the driver through the Device Manager, installing the latest (non-beta) driver manually, and restarting. My laptop continues to experience crashes whenever the Intel GPU is enabled.