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    HDMI problem passthrough to projector




      I apologize at the outset for my English.


      I have a problem. I connect a laptop via HDMI to  projector with hdmi splitter.  Splitter separates me sound from hdmi to Toslink to amplituner (doesnt have HDMI). Intel audio driver detects EPSON projector but gives only sound in stereo (two channels, because projector has only 2speakers). When I connect to hdmi a TV (LG) intel audio detects digital connection (passthrough)., it  "captures" by splitter and by the optical cable (toslink) directed to the receiver which decodes AC3 or DTS. Fully works with 5.1 sound


      1. How to force  digital connection (passthrough) with the projector connected (same as in TV plugged in) ?




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          Hello :

          Based on the information you gave us, it seems to be the problem could be related to compatibility, since this same configuration works with the LG TV and it also means that the laptop, splitter, Toslink and the amplituner are working fine.
          So, in this case we need to check the specifications of the EPSON projector to find out if in fact supports AC3 or DTS.
          So, to check on that you can always get in contact with Epson in order to make sure if the projector supports those formats and if it is fully compatible with this type of configuration.
          Also, there is the chance that there might be a setting that needs to be enable maybe on the BIOS, also a BIOS update might be a good thing to try, and also try to install the graphics driver provided by the manufacturer of the laptop since the graphics drivers that Intel has are generic and they might not work as it should since all the features on the laptop were customized by the manufacturer, so to try a BIOS update and to get proper graphics drivers please get in contact directly with the manufacturer of the laptop.

          Epson’s support site: https://epson.com/Support/sl/s

          Epson’s phone number:  1 800-463-7766

          Any more questions about this matter please let me know.