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    Latest intel 4400 driver


      So when I play games like Overwatch or Astroneer, sometimes the game will freeze and I'll get the notification that it was blocked from accessing graphics driver, this problem happens in chrome sometimes as well. I've set the TdrDisplay value to 8 and that just made the problem occur less frequently. Many online fixes say to update the Graphics Driver and I currently have Intel HD Graphics 4400 Version but the newest version is but when I download the installer for the latest update and run it, it says My laptop is not validated for the driver. If I bypass this restriction and install the latest driver would there be any issues? If I search for update in device manager it says I have the latest version, is this because my current driver is the latest one that my laptop can handle hence me not able to get the actual latest update?


      I have

      Aspire 15

      windows 10

      i5-4210U turbo boosted

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          Hello :
          In regard to your inquiry, I just wanted to let you know that Intel provides generic versions of drivers for general purposes and in order to try to fix possible graphics problems. These drivers might or might not work with your system since they are generic and they might not be properly recognized by the laptop.
          The driver for the laptop will depend on the graphics controller it has, the latest version of the graphics driver for Intel® HD Graphics 4400 controller is 4501 so it should work with the laptop.
          Now, the manufacturer of the laptop might have different versions of the graphics driver and also Microsoft has their own drivers too, so you can also verify if there is a newer driver available.
          You can try to install the 4501 diver manually, there will be no damage to the laptop, but it is recommended to use the drivers provided by the manufacturer.
          Install driver manually:
          Here is the link for the drivers provided by the manufacturer, you just need to enter the model of the computer:
          Also, a BIOS update is also recommended to fix the problem with the games, in order to get the information about how to do that, you just need to get in contact with Acer directly:
          Acer’s support site:
          Acer’s phone number: 1 866-695-2237
          Any further questions, please let me know.

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