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    SSD6 and asus Z170-K


      My new drivet is Intel SSD6 M.2 PCIe 1tb, P/N SSDPEKKW010T7X1. My Motherboard is Asus Z170-K with latest version 2003 bios. The drive is not detected by the uefi bios. The mb settings are "optimised default". Intel RST is left off. (turning it on didn't help, so I turned this back off). The drive shows up in Windows (Windows 7 sp1 64bit) as an unknown PCI device. I tried to install the Intel ssd drive toolbox, hoping for a workable driver. The drive toolbox installation hangs with  starting VC_redist.x86.exe, forever. So no driver for windows can be installed. Is a separate driver available? Are there any suggested bios settings for the drive?