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    Problems with S5520SC




      I have some problems with my motherboard. Today the LED on the motherboard indicated that there was a fan fault on my second cpu and shut the system down. Then I got a 1-5-4-2 beep code, and then I pushed the reset button. The fan fault was gone. Mysterious!


      Well the real question is in fact when i boot the system I find it takes quite a long time, and the LED on the back i giving me a light party if so to speak. Before the show is over I get a beep sequence which I haven't been able to figure out. Is this normal, after the "procedure" the system displays the intel boot screen and it continous to load the OS. It's the first time I've put together a workstation so I don't like how it beeps and flashes with the LED''s


      Another problem is that the fan on my gpu runs like a wild until the OS i started, howcome?


      The thing is in a non intel chassis, with non-intel cooler and psu (850watts), 2 cpu's and a geforce gts 250.


      Sorry for any incorrect spelling or formulation, English isn't my mother tongue