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    NUC6i7KYK remote power button


      Good afternoon to everybody.

      Does the NUC6i7KYK have the header connector/pins on the motherboard?

      Since the NUC5i5RYK I used to make a remote power botton, to turn it on and off and to add an external HDD activity L.E.D.

      My company is a sistem integrator so this function is fundamental for us.

      On the 5i5RYK there are pins soldered on the mother-board for the header connector (see picture attached) and it is wonderful. On other models there is just a "hint" of the header connector, and we managed to make it work flawlessly,


      on the 6i7KYK I have troubles finding them.

      The NUC is a very suitable PC in the digital signage field, and the remote button to turn it on or off is crucial for a device like that.


      Please tell me that Intel has not changed its mind about the versatility of its product.


      Thank you in advance for your kind help, I will appreciate every answer.