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    101 Curie Saving Knowledge in NN - Do we need to save and restore cat 0 - committed node 0 and which contexts ?




      when saving the knowledge in the 101 hardware NN do I need to save and restore cat 0 ?


      Which global contexts do I need to save and restore ?


      If the NN supports 127 contexts, then to save all the knowledge in the network is is safest to save all contexts ? This would mean 127 * 128 nodes ( which have 128 bytes for vector data, and 8 byes (4X 16 uint) for cat,contex,inf and min inf = 136 bytes per neuron per context ?


      Is there a difference between global context and the context, ie is 127 a special global context ?


      Is a context a way to re-use the whole network ? So in essense I want to learn 127 different sets of data,ie images, sounds, patterns etc. So I can use a context for each pattern type, and I am therefore getting 127 neural networks without having to reset and load the knowledge ? What I am trying to ask is how does context work ? What is it ?