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    Missing options in Intel HD Control Panel for HD 620 on Dell XPS 13?


      It seems like I'm missing a lot of options in the Intel HD Control Panel for my Dell XPS 13 9360 laptop (with Intel HD 620). This is the i5-7200U CPU, running Win 10 x64 w/ 8 GB RAM.


      Basically when looking at the power options, I don't have separate tabs for battery and plugged in, I can't disable adaptive brightness, I can't tell it to use maximum performance, etc. I just have two options, panel self-refresh and extended battery life for gaming. I also can't change the settings for any power plan other than "Balanced Mode" because that's the only one that shows up. Similar with the 3D options, just seem to be missing stuff that's available on other computers.


      This is bothering me for two reasons...I'd like to disable adaptive brightness, as disabling it in Windows 10 doesn't seem to fully do so, and I suspect it's causing an issue where whenever I wake my laptop from sleep, it seems like the graphics mode is set in power savings (if I start up a game the frame rate is obviously lower). I have to unplug the power and then plug it back in and then my framerate goes back up.


      This happens regardless of whether I'm using Dell's drivers or the latest from Intel's website.


      Is this just a quirk of the laptop based on something Dell has done or is something else going on? If there's any other way to set these options other than the GUI I'd also be fine with doing it that way (registry settings, command line, etc).




      Edit: One more bit of info, using the program GPU-Z, I can see that when I'm getting good framerates the GPU core clock speed ramps up from what seems to be it's idle speed of 300Mhz all the way up to 1000Mhz. If I then put my laptop to sleep, wake it back up, and run a game, I get a choppier framerate and can see that the max GPU core clock speed doesn't move from 300Mhz. It's like the GPU gets stuck and won't go higher than the idle speed after the laptop goes to sleep. I assume this is some kind of power saving gone wrong which is why I'd like to see if I can get more options to change that stuff, but maybe it's a different issue.

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          Hello SBuch,


           As you mentioned this seems to be related to your computer, and the features that your computer manufacturer has set to be used, some features may be available but others won't. Your computer manufacturer may have limited the access to certain features, and one more thing you have to take into consideration is that your system is a mobile device.


          In regard to your second matter, from my end I recommend installing the latest chipset and management engine drivers; however, if the issue persists this should be address by Dell.