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    Powering Multiple Devices incl. Intel NUC from a single 12V power supply




      We are building a special digital signage system. And we want to use an Intel NUC mini computer inside it.

      We want to know if we can power all the devices inside it from a single power supply.


      We want to use the following equipment inside it.


      Power Source: Meanwell 12V LED Driver Power Supply - LPC-150-MEAN WELL Switching Power Supply Manufacturer


      1. Intel NUC Kit Model: NUC5i3RYH (On the manual it states that it can work 12-19V)
        • i3 Processor
        • 4GB RAM
        • 64 GB SSD
      2. LED Strip Lights (Need 12V)
      3. A/D Board for LCD Panel (12-19V)



      If we use this above mentioned single Meanwell LED Driver Power Supply with enough wattage/amps, will it power all the devices at the same time without any problem?

      Is there any risk for the Intel Nuc Kit?


      Another Option:

      Is it possible to power the LED Strip Lights directly from the Intel Nuc Motherboard inside it?


      Thank you for your support.