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    DP55WB BIOS hangs trying to enter bios setup with Lucent chip modem


      Lucent Fax Modem.JPGWhen a pci fax modem card with Lucent chipset is installed in the only pci slot of the DP55WB, it is not possible to enter bios setup. A setup key press notification appears on the upper left of the screen; processing is stalled and a reset is needed. If the F2 key is not pressed during boot vey bad things happen. In our case we had Windows Server 2008 installed and set up as a domain controller, which requires the presence of a network adapter to run several necessary services. With the Lucent chip set modem card installed, the DP55WB bios failed to register other hardware on the motherboard with the consequence that the Active Directory on the server became irreparably damaged. Moral of the story is this. Before trying to boot with new hardware make sure the bios is at least recognizing the hardware before trying to boot into a previously operational O/S installation.


      When the Lucent modem card is removed, the bios setup is accessible and normal booting is possible. When a different modem card with much older Rockwell chipset is installed in the DP55WB, the card is recognized and the bios setup can be accessed. The Lucent chipset modem card works well in other computers running VISTA, Win Server 2003 and XP. The errant DP55WB has bios 190 installed. It behaved similarly with earlier bios versions installed. My opinion is that the current bios 190 is flawed.