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    New Gestures


      Hello EveryOne;

      I would like to add new gestures trained to the available gesture packs.

      How do i achieve this  ????

      Please if you have an information regarding this, I appreciate a lot

      Thank you; I appreciate all your efforts.intel_corpintel_adminIntel® RealSenseSupport Community

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          Hi sobhi,

          Thanks for your interest in the Intel Realsense Platform. 

          There is no tool or capability to "train" new gestures into the SDK. The current gestures are all there is. If you would like to create new gestures you will have to code them from scratch.

          Hope you find this information useful, have a nice day!

          Best Regards,

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            Hi Jose,


                 Is there any guide or documentation on how can we create our down gestures using realsense modules from scratch