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    Why can't I start anything


      I just bought a i7-920 processor and DX58SO motherboard and installed them into my tower with a 850watt power supply.

      I followed every instruction to the letter even going over everything more than once.


      After putting in a video card, I turned it on and it seemed to be running without no video output. I waited a few minutes and pressed the reset button to give it another go.


      Now when I press the power button it turns on the lights and fan just enough to notice before turnin off again.


      I have tried removing everything and have reinstall cpu and fan hopin' for atleast a beep. But still doin the same.


      Any suggestions on where to go from here??    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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          What happens when you boot without any memory?

          Also what SL number CPU do you have?

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            It does the same with or without memory in it.

            My processor is SLBEJ.

            Today i have gotten it to keep runnin' twice. First when I woke up this mornin' and again after a couple hours of it being turned off.  If i turn it off after that and try to turn it on again it starts with the 1 second before turn off again.

            All I have in it now is Ram, Processor and cpu fan.  I dont want to add anything else till I know it's not gonna fry anything.


            Next day hooked up Hard Drive when started in the morning and the HDD Led blinked so i guess it's processing.   Could this be a heat prob??

            2nd try of this day turned on with graphix card    it's got display and i can enter BIOS   but if i turn it off it continues to not turn on   

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              The first thing you need to do is update the BIOS do it via the recovery method.

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