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    i7-5500U, HD 5500 and 930M overheating


      Hi there,


      I have a multimedia laptop I use for working and basic games like Borderlands, and Grid. It runs them fine but I was curious about the benchmarks of my pc - I downloaded 3Dmark and it recommended a test for gaming PCs with directX12. I did not realise this was at a very high resolution and for very high end gaming PCs.


      I left my computer to run the tests - not surprisingly it averaged less than 10FPS, but the cpu and gpu reached max temperatures of about 103 degrees! Should I be worried? Have I damaged my laptop in any way? Will it significantly shorten the lifespan? The test ran for less than 5 minutes, if that. Will my GPU, CPU and other components be okay? What is the max temperature of my CPU and the intel/nvidia GPUs?


      My specs are: Intel core i7-5500U (2.4ghz)
      16GB Ram
      Intel HD 550 integrated HD graphics
      Nvidia 930M dedicated Gpu

      More about : cpu gpu 103c 3dmark