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    getaddrinfo error Device or resource busy


      I am trying to run FreeCoap (https://github.com/keith-cullen/FreeCoAP) to be able to communicate with COAP and DTLS on a Intel Galileo gen. 2 board. I have seen that out of the box tests compile and run correctly (as long as I have been able to test by now).


      I have seen that it is prepared to run over IPv6. I am no expert on it, but I have seen that it has the value host configured as ::1, what I understand is the localhost. When I have tried to change it to IPv4, that is or the actual IP address of the board I am getting errors.


      I have seen that it uses netdb.h to create the server.


      #include <netdb.h>


      #define HOST                 ""  /**< Host address to listen on */

      #define PORT                 "12436" 



      unsigned char msg_id[2] = {0};

      struct addrinfo hints = {0};

      struct addrinfo *list = NULL;

      struct addrinfo *node = NULL;


      hints.ai_flags = 0;

      hints.ai_family = AF_INET;      /* value = 2 preferred socket domain */

      hints.ai_socktype = SOCK_DGRAM;  /* value = 3 preferred socket type */

      hints.ai_protocol = 0;           /* preferred protocol (3rd argument to socket()) - 0 specifies that any protocol will do */

      hints.ai_addrlen = 0;            /* must be 0 */

      hints.ai_addr = NULL;            /* must be NULL */

      hints.ai_canonname = NULL;       /* must be NULL */

      hints.ai_next = NULL;            /* must be NULL */

      ret = getaddrinfo(HOST, PORT, &hints, &list);


      As result of getaddrinfo what I get is a -16 value, indicating the following error:


      Error  : Device or resource busy


      I have tried searchig with netstat -a and there is no such port in use.


      What I am missing? What resource is busy and not allowing me to get the address?