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    Intel ME creating Win10 event log errors (404 page not found)


      Wasn't sure what community I should use, so please redirect me if needed.


      I am running Windows 10 Home on a 2-month old Dell XPS 8910 system.


      I get regular error events in the event viewer for the "isaAgent" component that some component is getting an error 404 (page not found). Just prior to that event there is an entry that indicates it is attempting to contact the URL:



      While the top-level secureprotocolengine-test.intel.com does actually exist (it returns a default Apache Tomcat "It works!" page), the specified child page does not exist and thus the error gets logged.  From what I can tell, this has something to do with the Intel Manageability Engine.  I assume some component is out of date, but can't figure out what it is so that I can eliminate the errors in the event log.  Google searches provide no help.