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    Motherboard cannot detect 600p 256GB SSD NVMe S.2 socket although MB support it


      Hi guys, I am quite desperate. I have MSI B150 GAMING M3 motherboard with latest BIOS B.8 with support of M.2 socket NVMe SSD disks, yesterday I bought Intel 600p M.2 256GB SSD NVMe and plugged it in to M.2 socket, but when I enter BIOS it is not being detected, do you have any clues by what this can be caused? What I need to do to work it out ? I even do not see option in Advanced options in BIOS as Rapid Intel technology. I believe it may be caused by some settings in BIOS but here I would like to advise from someone more experienced than me.


      I will highly appreciate any kind of help ! !


      great Regards Krystof