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    Multiple Camera and 3D Point Cloud Problems



      Our project requires multiple cameras (SR300) to capture a fixed target. We encountered some problems during the development as follow:


      1. Set the order of multiple cameras.

      In the enumeration of cameras, we can get many parameters from the DeviceInfo(SDK 2016 R3) object. The parameter "didx" is described in the document is “The zero-based device index if there are multiple devices on the system”. But we can not determine which camera’s "didx" will be 1, which will be 2. Is there any way to determine and modify the camera "didx", or orther id numbers?


      2. Splice the point cloud from multiple cameras (at different viewing angles) into a complete 3D model.

      We learned that the PCL contains some algorithms for point cloud registration, but the development language we used was C#. Is there any algorithm or method in RealSense SDK can be used to do this( point cloud registration & Camera calibration)?  Is there any other good way to deal with it?


      3.  Triangulation of the 3D point cloud.

      The SDK 3D Scan module reconstructs the shape and appearance of stationary objects from a sequence of images, which converted into a 3D triangle mesh (e.g. PLY). Did the SDK provide methods to convert the 3D point cloud from the raw stream(not use 3D scan algorithm module) into a 3D model file? In addition, is there any other way to do triangulation of the 3D point cloud, especially using C# language?


      We hope to receive your valuable suggestions.