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    Configuring Ball listings to Function_1


      According to the Data Sheet, Pin E10 is automatically set for Function_0 (GPIO_SS[10]), I would like to set it to Function_1 (PWM[0]).  Is there a way to do this utilizing registers and without re-configuring the firmware, or is there a good reference to configuring the firmware for the Quark?

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          In QMSI you can use qm_pmux_select() function. In Zephyr - pinmux_pin_set(). Note that Zephyr pre-configures some pin multiplexers in boards/<board_name>/pinmux.c.


          I'd recommend against using registers directly for compatibility reasons. But if you really want to do that - check QMSI qm_pmux_select() implementation in qm_pinmux.c

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