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    NUC6I7KYK 4K display problem


      @[Intel Corporation]


      Hi~ i have intel nuc6i7kyk, Win10x64, Bios 0042,   samsung ssd 512G, 32G mem, two display 1.Dell U2515H 2K max 2560x1444 60hz  2. Samsung U28E850R 4K max 3840x2160 60hz ( 4 port: HDMI1 3840x2160 30Hz, HDMI2/DP/MINIDP 3840x2160 60Hz)


      the NUC working on Dell display was perfect.


      working on my new display Samsung worse, give me a big problem.


      Cable1 Hdmi2.0 with Samsung display package.  Cable2 Hdmi2.0 SAMZHE.  Cable3 MiniDPtoDP with Dell display package. Cable4 MiniDPtoDP with Samsung display package.

           NUC Hdmi to Samsung U28 Hdmi2 3840x2160 60Hz , if do nothing. just fine. but , if doing some works, screem start flash...  please see video 1   -> Cable1/2

           NUC Hdmi to Samsung U28 Hdmi2 3840x2160 30Hz , fine. even WoW and watch moives and use msword with hardware accelerate all together.   -> Cable1/2

           NUC Hdmi to Samsung U28 Hdmi2 2560x1444 60Hz , without hardware accelerate software was fine. no WoW, no msword with hardware accelerate, watch movie is fine.   -> Cable1/2

           NUC minidp to Samsung U28 DP 4K/2K 60Hz , worse. wil lost signal black screem, and recover.   -> Cable3/4

           NUC Hdim/MiniDP to DELL U25 2K 60Hz, All fine.     -> Cable1/2/3/4


      The Samsung display was ok, seller test with Graphic GTX960.


      Graphic drive update to newest and older still problem.


      seller said 4k display need higher support with graphic. differ structure with 2k.


      can somebody help me to solve this problem?>


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