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    post code - intel s5520sc




      I'm having a hard time understanding the codes that I get from my motherboard. Can someone enlighten me about how to understand the diagnostic led?


      In fact my problem is that I think it takes long time for the computer to boot up. It will but during the POST the led flashes in different ways and then I get some beeps which I'm unable to determine, after that the boot screen appears and I'm able to load the OS. Sometimes the ID gets flashing amber but will disasppear when I push the reset button on the front panel. I've had a couple of times with a 1-5-4-2 beep code when powering the system off. What can I do to diagnose this?


      The system is:

      intel s5520sc

      intel xeon e5520

      12gb kingston reg ecc ram (KVR1066D3D8R7SK3/6G)

      palit geforce gts 250 1gb green edition

      850w silverstone psu (has 24pin and 2x8pin output for motherboard)

      non-intel chassis, non-intel cpu-coolers


      Done the lastest BIOS update and updated the SDR and assigned the fans that are actually connected.

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          I have had very curious results when not using the Intel workstation chassis.  It was so bad, that I ended up scrapping the 3rd party chassis altogether and sticking with the s5650wsna.  It made life much easier.  That board REALLY likes to be the Intel chassis and use the Intel thermal solutions.  There is even a special connector between the board and the Intel PSU that I don't see on other PSUs that must tell the board that it is in the correct chassis or something.  The status lights never worked correctly, fan speeds were inconsistent, and we had random failures when using 3rd party chassis on the s5520sc board.  Since moving to the Intel chassis, we have had a much smoother time.

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            It looks like there is a Power fault
            error code 1-5-4-2 depicts "DC power unexpectedly lost (power good dropout)".


            Which chassis you are using? ensure you have updated the FRUSDR by selecting "other" option.

            below is the link for server guide..
            http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/s5520sc/sb/e39545_004_s5520sc_service_guide.pdfbelow is the link for product brief..



            All the best ! happy working!        

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              Yesterday evening I got a fan error on both cpu-cooler after resuming from standby and the fan went to full speed, seem like I have a problem with the fans as the SEL shows critical events about the fans. Maybe it's a problem that some of the fans only have 3-pins?

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                Yeah tell me about it, I'm in contact with the support staff at Intel. The problem is that I'm a student so it's not an option to go an get another chassis, and it doesn't mention you can use a third party chassis. If I knew this would become a problem I might have gone for ASUS board, but they are more expensive and I liked the fact that there was audio and a reasonable amount of USB-ports since I'm using it as a workstation. Another reason to buy a 3rd party chassis was in fact that it's a workstation and therefore I'd like it be quiet! So I've gone for the Corsair hydro H50 to cut down some noise there, and the chassis is vented by 3 x 230mm fan which gives one hell of an air pressure without have them run like crazy and make noise.


                But I might need to buy the front panel and do some magic if the technicians can solve this (hardware can fail even if they are new I guess). I suppose the motherboard wouldn't know if it's the right metal , and the front panel is a spare part.

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                  It is not only front panel.  It is the PSU as well.  There is a connection from the PSU to the "Aux Pwr Signal" on the mainboard (just right of the #2 CPU power connection).  It was really an odd thing.  Some systems would be fine in a 3rd party chassis/PSU and others would randomly fail.  As soon as we installed them in the Intel chassis, FAR LESS PROBLEMS.

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                    I understand what you're saying, and I will brief if I get any luck with it An Intel support told me:

                    The auxiliary power connector is normally used on redundant power supply chassis (if understand this correct there no need of it)

                    But then again it's a little hard to argue with you experiences with it But as far as I know there isn't that connecter in all chassis from Intel.
                    My hope is that recent software updates has made a difference together the support from the technicians at Intel support.

                    I just posted in here to get an opinion from other who might have any idea how to fix the problem...
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                      Hey Wuzaa


                      Sorry this is a year l ater but did you get your power issue resolved?


                      I have the same motherboard in an Intel chassis and I am not able to use the custom CPU cooler that was made for me by the manufacturer of the Corsair products.


                      There are only 3 pins on the power connectors attached to the heat pumps and on the fans on the radiator there a 4 pis. I tried swapping their connections on the motherboard so that the 4 pin connectors are connected to the CPU power locations on the motherboard but the motherboard will still not fire up. When I put the Intel CPU fans back on the system fires up without issue.