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    My I7 6700k is fluctuating in heat!?! Help please!


      Just like the title says, my 6700k is fluctuating in heat! When idle, the temps can hit as high as 56C! But when playing a game that can be taxing on the CPU, it actually stays cool, at temperatures as low as 29... I lowered the power consumption in the power plan to about 80% and now im idle at 38. I also notice that my GPU refuses to use the fans inside of it, so now i have to utilize MSI afterburner to activate the fans.


      This all occurred after I had wiped the computer, and fixed the fan that I'm using. I did clean up some of the dust inside. This computer was built about a month or two ago, and doesnt have a lot of dust to begin with.


      I TRIED - putting new thermal paste, but I put too much, and should probably put a new amount!


      resetting my bios settings several times


      repositioning the fan


      GPU - GTX 1070 SC

      CPU - I7 6700k

      MOBO - asus z170 AR

      cooler - hyper 212 evo

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          Hello Lycans,
          If your processor runs at 56°C that temperature is fine and nothing to worry about it. What is strange is that the temperature goes down when you’re playing games but that can also be normal if the fan speeds up when paying to keep the temperature down.
           As long as your processor temperature stays under 70°C or 80°C your system is fine.