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    1 second mouse freeze - lags (when clicking Start; when changing desktop background...) in win 10x64 with i5-hd530




      I just bought a new HP Wave 600 desktop computer (i5 6ºgen with Intel Graphics 5300+AMD R9 M470 for 3D+Realtek HD Audio). This model was released in September 2016.


      There are short mouse freezes -lags (about 1 sec). It happens sometimes when clicking in Start., ALWAYS when changing desktop background (in the transition between the old and the new background), sometimes when openning some win 10 universal app (twitter for example). Looks like the problem triggers when some animation or graphic transition are involved in the desktop. Tried different mouses. No change. Freezes keep happening. Tried to reinstall the OS from the ground and with no other programs or drivers intalled. No change. The mouse freezes are there from the very beggining after a n OS fresh install. It´s very annoying, frustrating. Any help would be really apreciated.  Thanks

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