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    Need driver files for 8260 AC...


      Trying to do a system restore using Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials.  I have a client machine which I am trying to restore that has Wireless networking only using the 8260 AC.  The restore wizard on the client boots from a USB key and needs to scan the USB key for the driver files (.dlls, .sys, etc.).  The standard driver for the 8260 AC that I've downloaded is a folder with 2 exes (DPInst64.exe and iprodifx.exe) and a series of .cat, .inf, .sys, and .dat files.  I tried using this folder with the restore wizard and the restore wizard couldn't getting the network going with this (as expected...).  I need the files that the OS would use.  For another client that uses the Intel I217-V I found the files for a driver and can get the restore wizard to go. 


      I tried looking at DPInst64.exe /? and iprodifx.exe /? to see if I could get them to generate or leave the files behind; no luck.


      Where do I find driver files for the 8260 AC?