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    Intel chipset update won't install.


      I have an asus laptop and both my game and the intel(R) driver update recognize the chipset is out of date. Current driver: (  Latest version: ( I have seen several people having an issue similar to this and getting an unknown error message. I download the new chipset and get a pop up saying that is was installed correctly. I'm then prompted to restart my pc to take effect and everything seems normal. When I launch my game or the intel driver update program it still lists as being under the ( chipset. I am currently on a clean install of windows 10. I have recently seen a discussion saying it might be due to being on windows 10 and to restore to windows 8, but wanted to see if i could get any more insight to this prior to trying to go down that route. Thank you in advance.driver.PNG


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          It apears there is an issue with the intel(R) driver update utility program the updated version is installed. Can i get some sort of confirmation as to that being the case. And if this is the case any insight on why my game would also detect that the driver is out of date? (found instructions and snip of my findings below)Capture;ufkhrekjtbgfs.PNG

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello :
            The Intel® driver update utility was design to work with Intel® desktop motherboards, so when you use the tool on a system that is not using an Intel® board the driver update might not work as expected and the drivers that will get install in that case will be generic, same thing occurs with the game and it might not be detecting that the latest driver version is already installed.
            For this type of scenario what we recommend is to install the drivers manually from the manufacturer’s web site, also remember that windows itself does driver updates that are provided by Microsoft and a BIOS update might be useful as well, so you can always get in contact with Lenovo directly to get the information about how to do that.
            For the system you are using, please look for drivers on the following link, look for the option that says “drivers and software” at the top and enter the model of your laptop that way you will be able to get the proper drivers for it including the chipset driver:
            If the laptop is fully compatible with Widows® 10 you will be able to find the drivers in there, including the latest version of the chipset driver, and if you install it then even if the Intel® driver update utility keeps showing the message that there is a newer driver available, that might not be that accurate since it might look for generic drivers or it might not detect that it was already installed.
            Any questions or if you need further information, please let me know.