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    Intel ICH9 USB Enhanced Controller 2934-2939 Drivers?


      so recently my laptop USB ports became non working. anything I plugged into my laptop usb ports (all three of them) wouldn't work.


      I did some googling and found a supposed fix. someone claimed that if I went into device manager and checked my USB Controllers for errors I could uninstall and then reinstall them. I tried that it didn't work every time I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them the second I plug something into the USB ports they would fail again and register an error 43


      I did some more looking around and found out the drivers I have are from all the way back in 2003 I downloaded the official Intell driver support software and low and behold. no USB drivers.


      does any one know if I can fix this problem or download proper drivers from somewhere? 



      (also before anyone suggests restore my pc I cant do that all my restore points are after the issue started.)