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    Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD w/ Intel i5 m430 Fonts Blurry


      I just bought Acer Aspire 5740-6378 with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD w/ Intel i5 m430 processor and fonts in Windows 7 64 bit recommended resolution 1366 bt 768 are a little blurry and alot jagged on web pages.  I even tried outher resolutions with the same, poor results.   I've downloaded the newest driver using Intel tool and I checked to make sure it installed OK.  I am happy with all in the computer except this visual difference from all notebooks I have used.  I hope Intel moniters this and they or some one give me some help to resolve this.  Two evenings using this display and my eyes are sore, I believe from this distortion.  I can only describe the jagged display as similar to the old windows where you had to enable smoothing of fonts.  I need help or I'm going to have to return this computer and keep my old 18 months old Toshiba notebook (which also has Intel processor and Intel video).