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    NZXT CAM program OC messing with CPU


      Thank you for checking out my problem. First things first, my rig http://https://pcpartpicker.com/user/hotpersuit1/saved/tM6kcf. A few days ago I was using NZXT CAM to monitor my CPU and GPU usage and saw they had an overclocking section to the program. When I clicked on it, my screen started to tear as if it had immediately overclocked my GPU(The program only overclocks the GPU.) With the amount of screen tearing I had no choice but to do a hard restart. After I hard restarted my GPU was working fine, but my CPU was idle at 3.5k MHz and wouldn't go passed 20% load while doing benchmarks and just playing games. While using chrome or just using basic OS features the CPU goes up to 100% and seems to be working normally. I tried changing my battery performance to balance and the cpu no longer idles at 3.5k, but still spikes to it when doing benchmarks or just playing games and still wont go passed 20% usage. Here are some pictures of my GPU and CPU while gaming http://imgur.com/a/to1Lm, and while idle http://http://imgur.com/a/RDIwy.  I've used the intel processor diagnostic tool and my cpu passed on all accounts, i'll be glad to post the information for that if needed. Also, my 1TB D: Drive has been spiking to 100% and staying there for a good amount of time randomly, when I use Resource Monitor it says my system is using 36 million bytes. Also, MsMpEng.exe is using 12 million, but I believe that is normal. My next step is completely wiping my drives and starting from scratch, but obviously that is the last thing I want to do so i'm looking for some advice here first.


      What i've tried:

      -I've gone into the Bios and reset to factory defaults and it said nothing was changed.

      -I've reset the CMOS manually.

      -I've taken out my gpu, uninstalled the drivers. Put it back in and re-installed.

      -I tried using my brothers driver to see if my driver had a corrupt file making my cpu act like this, but my motherboard wouldn't boot off of it for some reason.

      -Intel Diagnostic Tool (passed)

      -Downloaded CCleaner and cleaned my registry and apps.

      -Stress tested my cpu with MSI | Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, had 100% CPU Utilization the entire time. http://http://imgur.com/a/SB4pM.

      -Uninstalling and re-installing the program. (NZXT CAM)

      -Again, Changing my Battery Performance to Balanced from High Performance.


      Sorry about the huge post, but I want to get all the information down to help you understand. Feel free to let me know if you need more information and once again, thank you for helping me.