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    Dell T7600 does not boot with a X540-T2



      I just upgraded a Dell T7600 Workstation. I also wanted to add a 10Gbit ethernet card, but the computer does not boost correct. The BIOS is starting with loading but it hangs before the OS is loading. I'm also not able to get access to the BIOS settings. If i take out the card, the computer is booting without any problems. Also the PCIe slot that i used works with a graphics card.

      I take this card from a actual Dell T7910 workstation, so i know the card is working. I also tried a second card - also with not success. I updated the BIOS to the latest version...

      I found on other pages that a PCIe 2.0 slot could help, but i'm not able to set this in the BIOS settings.


      Does anybody has an idea? I would like to start with 10Gbit in our company.