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    Intel M.2 600p Pcie 128gb not recognised by the BIOS but recognised in windows - ASUS G771JW



      I bought an intel m.2 pcie 128gb ssd drive(SSDPEKKW128G7), and i want to boot from it.

      I've tried to install windows, it is recognised in the setup, it copies all the files, but at restart, it shows me the bios because the bios doesn't see it and cannot boot from it.

      Also in Windows, when i put it as another drive, it's ok, it sees it. the only problem is that the bios cannot see it.

      Also, in utilties like HDD sentinel - no info to show, just temperature, ssd life - doesn't see it at all and in Intel ssd toolbook it says that smart is not active and i cannot see any info like lifetime etc.

      Also the install i tried was on UEFI mode, windows 8.1 and 10 licensed - same problem.


      How can I make the bios to see it and boot from it?

      Thank you!