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    Intel Realsense Solution for real-time Augmented Reality Application


      Hi all,


      I have started exploring Intel Real Sense not for a long time. I just received it and start to develop an AR application. I use Intel Real Sense R200 because I need the long range view. My question is regarding following scenario, What is the best way to utilize the camera R200?



      I have an object, let say a Box. I want to measure this Box using R200. I got the width x height x depth size and store the information.

      Render the size into AR objects. I want to pack the box virtually so that everyone can see the packing process through AR.



      How should I implement this kind of scenario?


      Current Solution:

      I thought of something like, integrating the R200 with Unity, and coding inside the Unity. And port the unity model to smartphone using Vuforia as AR Tools. But If I implement it like this, it would not be real time right? I have to port the packing box simulation whenever I received new boxes.

      My second assumption is, implementing another R200 camera, and when the camera detect designated marker, I can see the packing box simulation through this camera. But I only have one camera. How to create the prototype is also something that I need to think of.


      Btw, I haven't decided what language to use. Honestly I am more familiar with C# , but when I read the documentation, for measurement is only supporting C++, right?


      So, to wrap up my question, which solution is the best approach regarding my scenario case.

      Thank You.

      I am stuck and thinking so many times about the AR approaches for so long. I need an advice from experts