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    Does DC S3520 SSD support Windows XP SP3?


      We have purchased two Intel DC S3520 SSDs and are attempting to install Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (equivalent to Windows XP Pro SP3) on them. When the OS begins to boot it seems to fail while loading the disk driver and restarts the computer.


      To verify that the problem wasn't with any of the other hardware I've installed the same image on a spinning hard drive and it works. Prior to purchasing the S3520 we used S3500 SSDs with this same image and they worked as well.


      I have also attempted to install Windows XP Pro SP3 to see if that would work, unfortunately the installer doesn't recognize the S3520 SSDs at all so cannot install the OS. Is there any driver that I can use to make this work or firmware update that will allow use with Windows XP?


      FYI, I've attempted this with the SATA channel set as IDE as well as AHCI. And a Windows Embedded Standard 7 image works on the S3520 with no problems.