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    Connect Edison to Ubiquiti Bullet M5


      So I am currently working on a project where I need the Edison to trigger a USB camera and send images to a ground station over a Ubiquit bullet data link. The camera triggering works perfectly ( I am utilizing a USB power splitter since the Edison can't power the camera). However, I also need it to simultaneously connect to the Bullet M5 as a USB station. The bullet is currently being powered by a separate source over POE (power over ethernet), and I attempted to use the J3Create USB3.0 to ethernet adapter (OTG) ( I assume it's ok since USB3.0 is backwards compatible to USB2.0) [http://www.j5create.com/our-products/ethernet-adapters/jue130.html]  . However, the jcreate adaptor never lights up, so I attempted to use the same USB splitter method as the camera since maybe the edison can't power the adapter? and still there was no data being transmitted or power. I tried connecting the adapter both to the USB A port and micro-usb port, with no luck. However, I most likely need to connect it to the micro-usb port in host mode since the usb -A port is being utilized by the camera. Is there a way to connect the Bullet M5 station the edison? In addition, if it is,is possible to also connect the USB camera I am using too? (one  through the USB-A port and one through a micro port)?


      Ubiquiti bullet m5 [Ubiquiti Networks - Bullet™M ]