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    Really getting disgusted with Intel


      I'm an OEM builder who has been using Intel processors and boards exclusively for about the past 12 years.


      I was recently trying to solve a problem with a Pentium D 915 processor that was running "warm". I subsequently found out that someone (?) at some time (?) had used an Intel Thermal Solution (Intel cooler) model number D60188-001 on that processor. The D60188-001 cooler was shipped with Core 2 Duo processors with 65 watt TDP's. The Pentium D 915 has a TDP of 95 watts, therefore the installed cooler was not sufficient for a processor with a TDP of 95 watts.


      Intel must have at least a million technical papers available on their website, however I was unable to locate information as to exactly the part number of a cooler that a processor was shipped with.


      It's hard for me to believe that Intel can't publish a PDF paper with the cooler part number that was shipped with processors. Certainly Intel has to know the Intel part number. Why does Intel not publish a list of Intel compatible coolers for their processors? By not doing so, it forces repairers to have to use 3rd party coolers rather than the original Intel coolers.