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    Expired Master Key - softwareoffer.intel.com


      I purchased two Intel PCs from Origin PC back in August of this year.  With the two PCs came two coupons to redeem a Ubisoft game titled: Rainbow Six: Siege.  The PCs were for my children and we forgot to activate the coupons back in the excitement of getting the new PCs.  I still have the coupons and just tonight tried to redeem them at softwareoffer.intel.com.


      The site told me that the "Your Master Key has Expired" and to contact the retailer I bought the Intel PCs from.  I have sent a note to Origin PC customer service asking if they can supply me with two new/fresh unexpired codes to redeem the titles.  If the retailer is not willing or able to do so - can Intel help me out here?


      I can supply copies of the coupons, copies of the order configuration (that specifies the Intel CPUs ordered), and receipt for proof of purchase if needed.


      I wish the coupons presented to me had a published expiration date. :-(


      I saw a similar thread posted by another community member earlier this year.  It appeared that an Intel representative was trying to help. If you can help Intel - thank you.  Happy Holidays!