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    Problem with CPU throttling when charging and playing a game.


      Hi, I recently (within about two weeks) acquired an HP Envy laptop with the following specs:


      Quad-core Intel i5-5200U @ 2.20 GHz
      NVIDIA 940M and Intel HD Graphics 5500 GPUs

      8 GB Ram

      Windows 10 64 bit


      Yesterday when I tried to play a game known as Starbound, it was running fine until I plugged in the laptop to charge, then I got a huge permanent FPS drop that made the game unplayable. Today I've done some troubleshooting and found that the CPU speed is throttling to exactly 0.48 GHz when plugged in charging and playing a game. I've tested with another game, Garry's mod, to rule out that it's a problem with Starbound and indeed, the problem persists. It doesn't throttle immediately upon starting a game, but rather after a few minutes of playing.


      Things I've tried:

      • Checked advanced power plan settings for both High Performance and Balanced to see if anything could cause this
      • Checked NVIDIA and Intel graphics settings in case the GPUs are causing this somehow
      • Restarted multiple times
      • Attempted to update drivers for both GPUs and CPU (installed NVIDIA driver update that had no effect)
      • Run Starbound in Fullscreen, Borderless Window and Windowed mode, no effect
      • Reset recently changed settings back to their defaults, no effect


      I won't accept an external program as a solution to this, nor will I accept a system restore either - it's a new laptop with a relatively fresh install of Windows 10.


      To re-iterate, the CPU throttles to 0.48 GHz from a maximum of 2.20 GHz when plugged in charging AND playing a game of some sort. It doesn't seem to throttle when just doing normal activities like browsing the web or using Skype. I use Steam to launch both these applications but nowhere does Steam seem to have a setting that could cause this.


      What could be causing this?

      Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this, I would very much appreciate any help provided.