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    Sketch not running when booted from SD card?


      Hello, I've been having this problem for a while. I am currently developing on an Intel Galileo Gen 2 Board with the 1.1.0 board firmware and "SDCard.1.1.0.tar.bz2" Linux image installed. I am using a Windows 7 computer, Arduino 1.6.0+Intel and also accessing the Linux Shell via SSH.


      Apparently, I can upload sketches successfully (Showing 'Transfer complete') but seems every sketch I upload only prints " ** B0100000063f694 Š " in the Serial Monitor.


      Here is the log file error trace (taken from /var/log/messages with WinSCP as I do not have a USB-UART cable yet) showing what happens when I try to upload:



      I did temporarily solve this by reinstalling the Linux image but overtime, the problem appeared again. This behavior does not happen if I do not boot with the SD card though...


      Thank you in advance!



      A student